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Ruggedman celebrates late Dagrin at 10

Rapper Michael Ugochukwu Stephens aka Ruggedman joined a lot of celebrities to celebrate late rapper Olaitan Oladapo Olaonipekun aka Dagrin.

On April 22, Ruggedman took to his social media accounts to celebrate the 10th year of the demise of Dagrin. Ruggedman eulogised Dagrin writing, “Dagrin, I am honoured to be one of those who witnessed and featured your great talent. Some truths in life are hard to accept. Your departure is one of those hard truths. Your memories will never be forgotten! They…”

Replying to Ruggedman, a Twitter user queried Ruggedman for being secretive about the late artiste as his tweet suggests such.

“There’s something bout dagrin u guys are not telling us nd I believe u knw de cause of his death @RuggedyBaba .Why did his fame only lasted for just one yr????”Reacting to the claim, the veteran rapper says, “Don’t let social media freedom make you feel it’s ok to speak like a retarded rerard.” Dagrin, who became famous for his hit single, ‘PonPon,’ died following complications from injuries of an auto-crash.


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